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About Me


Exploring the world of SaaS.

I also host India's #1 SaaS-focused podcast -> SaaS Sessions Podcast.

21,000+ podcast listeners

GTM Buddy

0 to 1

  • Joined as the first marketing hire
  • Got 6-figure $ revenue from my network and communities
  • Launched the Voices of Enablement interview series featuring Revenue Enablement leaders
  • Hosted the Enable-mint Roadshow across 6 cities in the US in partnership with the Revenue Enablement Society, Product Marketing Community, Sales Enablement Squad, Klue, Corporate Visions, and more
  • Overlooked all marketing and sales ops


▪️ 2021

  • managed "Scaled" (flagship event of Whatfix) end-to-end along with Customer Day
  • generated over 5000+ registrations for Scaled
  • working on improving the MQL -> SQL conversion rate
  • CRO
  • working on new channels to drive demand and brand
  • implemented Opensense (centralized ABM-focused email signature management tool)
  • implemented Hubilo (for virtual events)

▪️ 2019-2020

Responsible for finding, opening, and scaling up NEW channels for demand gen and branding. I create and manage relationships with luminaries in the industry and collaborate for different activities like webinars, events, podcasts, bespoke events, virtual summits, and more.

Channels opened

  • B2B Influencer Marketing / Advocacy
  • Drift
  • Third-party partnerships / Marketing partnerships - Webinars
  • Expert Sessions / Group Demo
  • Podcast

I worked on the most significant virtual summit for enterprises, Digital Adoption Summit, where we generated over 3500+ registrations in 4 weeks.

Some stats for the event

  • 150% target achieved for registrations
  • over 2000 unique companies registered
  • more than 50% of companies with more than 1000 employees - more than 70% of registrations as MQLs

Also hosted the seasonal Digital Adoption Day, where we generated over 1000 leads.

Purchased and implemented Drift at Whatfix. Generated 5-figure revenue and influenced 6-figure revenue in 4 months via Drift.


  • acquired domain
  • championed Slack for the entire org

SaaS Sessions

I started SaaS Sessions as my selfish motive to learn and get first-hand knowledge from the luminaries in the SaaS ecosystem.

I've been unofficially doing it since 2014. It simply started with my urge to constantly learn new aspects of the SaaS ecosystem, where I used to connect with people to talk about their experiences and learning. This was all happening off the record.

I started recording and publishing these conversations as a podcast since Jan 2019. Since then I've hosted leaders (C-level/VPs/Directors) from SaaS companies like Github, Segment, G2, Moengage, and more.

Are you working in SaaS? Have a story to share? Let's talk. :)


After helping Abhishek and Udayan start the GrowthX community back in 2019, I am currently an evangelist for the community building the top 1% of growth leaders.

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