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Tool Stack

Creating a list of all the tools I'm using for personal stuff, SaaS Sessions, Whatfix, and this website.


  • Superhuman - The best email client out there.
  • Roam Research - THE productivity and note taking tool that I'll not move away from.

SaaS Sessions

  • Hosting - WP is the best in business. Although, I would love to use a product which is an intersection between Webflow and Wordpress.
  • Hubspot - Marketing automation and CRM.
  • Notion - Documentation, wiki, collaboration, and more for podcasts.
  • Zoom - Podcast intro calls and recording. Gives an option to record separate files for you and guests.
  • Typeform - Powering the community application form.
  • Descript - Podcast editing and transcription. I have used many tools, and this is the best. I tried replacing it, but I just cannot.
  • Figma - For designing banners and everything else.
  • Anchor - Podcast hosting platform. It's free and easy to get started. Planning to switch soon.
  • Calendly - Managing podcast bookings.

This Website

  • Gatsby - It's a React based framework. I found it to be very simple to get started with.
  • Contentful - One of the most powerful and customizable CMS. It easily integrates with Gatsby.
  • Netlify - Easy, automated, and free deployment with SSL.
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