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Tool Stack

Creating a list of all the tools I'm using for personal stuff, SaaS Sessions, GTM Buddy, and this website.

GTM Buddy

  • Coefficient - No matter what tool you use for reporting, the most efficient reports are generated via Google Sheets. Use Coefficient to get your data in Google Sheets and then create dashboard on Looker Studio.
  • Outreach - Market Leader in Sales Engagement category. Does the job, but lacks on a lot of grounds. Does not integrate well with Hubspot CRM. Reporting is meh.
  • RevenueHero - Used Chilipiper in the past, but now RevenueHero has become #1 choice. It's becoming the best platform for lead routing and assignment.
  • Avoma - Meeting recording tool. Does the job very well.

SaaS Sessions

  • Hosting - WP is the best in business. Although, I would love to use a product which is an intersection between Webflow and Wordpress.
  • Hubspot - Marketing automation and CRM.
  • Notion - In my honest opinion, it's overrated, but I'm still using it for documentation, wiki, collaboration, and more for podcasts.
  • Zoom - Podcast intro calls and recording. Gives an option to record separate files for you and guests.
  • Descript - Podcast editing and transcription. I have used many tools, and this is the best. I tried replacing it, but I just cannot.
  • Figma - For designing banners and everything else.
  • Anchor - Podcast hosting platform. It's free and easy to get started. Planning to switch soon.
  • Cal - I've been on Calendly for years and it took me less than a minute to change my primary calendar link to Cal.

This Website

  • Gatsby - It's a React based framework. I found it to be very simple to get started with.
  • Contentful - One of the most powerful and customizable CMS. It easily integrates with Gatsby.
  • Netlify - Easy, automated, and free deployment with SSL.
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