Knowing your WHY means having a clear purpose, and this makes you and your business more appealing.

If you’ve ever felt lost or unfulfilled in life, it might be a result of not identifying purpose in your life or your business.

Finding your WHY can be challenging, but once you have it in your life, you can wake up each morning with purpose and determination.

Unlock your WHY by looking to your past.

If you dread going to work and find your job exhausting, then you’re clearly doing something that does not speak to your WHY.

Once you find a job you’re passionate about, even the most repetitive and banal tasks become easy to tackle.

A great way to find that passion is to work your way through the golden circle.

The golden circle was introduced in Simon Sinek’s book, Start With WHY, and illustrates how we tend to operate on three levels.

The first level, the outer circle, is all about “WHAT” we do, while the middle circle is “HOW” we do it. Finally, at the center is the golden circle, which determines “WHY” we do it.

An outside perspective can help you uncover your WHY.

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify a common theme in the things that are important to us, and if this is the case, it might be time to bring in a fresh perspective.

Once you discover your WHY, it’s important to share it.

Start by offering your WHY statement to those who ask, “What do you do?”

Not knowing your purpose in life, or your WHY, can be a frustrating and confusing experience for individuals, businesses and teams.

But there are ways to look within, understand your WHY and begin to live a motivated, passionate and productive life.

When you fully realize your WHY, you can start thriving in both your personal and professional life.

Here is my golden circle:

WHAT - I help purpose driven startups and individuals with Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking.

HOW - I established a strong connection with the startup/individual first, then I take 1-1 calls with them, provide valuable resources, tips and tricks for social media, and my insights and experiences.

WHY - It's gives me immense pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction when someone is successful in making their business/brand digitally active and achieve more on social media. The feeling when I help someone achieve their purpose, is the best feeling for me.