Is it Armani suits, Rolex watches, cherry-red Ferraris and a daily glass of champagne in your new house?

Sure, these might be some of the symbols of wealth — but they’re certainly not signs of success.

True success can’t be seen.

It comes from within and is generated by primary greatness, which naturally comes to those who embody admirable qualities such as integrity, honor, persistence, selflessness and a commitment to a purpose that transcends the personal.

Secondary greatness, in contrast, can be seen.

It’s the appearance of success — the money and the fame and all the attendant status symbols, from cars to suits to houses.

However, whereas primary greatness leads to fulfillment and inner peace, secondary greatness dead-ends at fleeting pleasures and financial security.

Now, if you haven’t spent your life fostering stalwart inner attributes like honor and selflessness, don’t fret. It’s been scientifically proven that such traits can be developed.

So what can you do to develop your character?

Well, as you’ll soon learn, there are 12 levers of success, a set of principles that will serve as the foundation for your primary greatness.

These levers are integrity, contribution, priority, personal sacrifice, service, reciprocity, diversity, responsibility, loyalty, learning, teaching and renewal.

A life centered on making connections with and in the service of others is far more rewarding than a life spend hunting for self-serving pleasures such as status and money..

And the best way to find real fulfillment and inner peace is to establish your primary greatness.

You can do this with these 12 levers of success.