Steer through life with a compass, not a map.

Luck is a combination of chance, talent and hard work, and we have more control over it than we think.

Luck is not the same thing as chance, but chance does play a part in luck. Equating the two is probably the biggest mistake people make.

Having established that chance events are completely out of your control, you should thus ignore them and focus instead on what you can influence – that is, luck.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Increase your luck by being persistent, putting yourself where luck will be and going against the flow.

With enough determination and hard work, you will eventually find the break you need.

Persistence and passion may help, but to be truly effective, they must be combined with placement – that is, putting yourself where luck will be.

If you put yourself in places where opportunities are likely to arise, you’ll increase your probability of success.

Go against the flow, and with enough persistence and clever placement, you’ll be well on your way to getting luck on your side.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.

Setting up a lucky framework involves networking, keeping your options open and being able to spot and grow small breaks.

The possibility of new opportunities is greater when you’re around people you hardly know, as opposed to your close network of friends and family.

You never know what will pay off, so having multiple activities will increase the likelihood of success.

Luck is more in our control than we think.

By following the principles outlined here – that is, combining hard work, talent and chance, and preparing and putting yourself in places where opportunity is likely to strike – you can increase your susceptibility to luck.

Steer through life with a compass, not a map.

To find the places where the opportunities to become lucky are high, you need to have a plan.

But an overly rigid plan – that is, clearly defined life map – can cause you to miss those important opportunities. So trade out your map for a compass.

If you know the general direction you wish to go in, you will be able to adapt if the landscape changes around you.

It requires courage and self-confidence, but walking your own path will lead you to opportunities that might just change your luck.