Before we start talking about how the platform can help your business reach more people and convert them, let’s get to know some stats about it.

There are more than 100 million daily active users on the platform. 65% of which contribute daily to creating content on the platform. An average user spends 30 minutes daily on the app. There are around 9000 snaps share per second on the platform. This accumulates to 8 billion daily video views counting the views from the Discover section. The user distribution on the platform favors female as 70% of the users are female. Snapchat’s reported revenue last year is over $200 million.

How marketers use Snapchat to promote their business

#1 Provide access to live events

Use Snapchat for product launches, trade shows or one-of-a-kind events like the 1,000th customer to shop in your store. Snapchat gets your audience excited because you’re providing an authentic view of what’s going on at the event.

#2 Deliver private content

Use Snapchat to provide special content to your audience that they may not receive on other platforms. Think of something unique to surprise your community of followers.

#3 Offer contests, Perks or Promotions

Giveaways and promotions are ways you can keep your followers coming back for more. You could offer promo codes or discounts to the fans who watch your entire Snapchat story or ask them to take a snap while holding your product.

#4 Take people behind the scenes

You can provide behind-the-scenes content which helps create and engage a strong following by showing off your company and having fun. Show how your brand differentiates itself with company culture — capture birthday parties, Friday afternoons or company outings.

#5 Partner with digital Influencers

By partnering with influencers, you can spread awareness to a demographic that’s hard to reach through traditional media. Influencers who are skilled with the Snapchat platform can create quality video content that enhances your brand’s voice and personality.

Here’s how to get started integrating Snapchat into your social media marketing

  • Develop Content
  • Invite Participation
  • Get Creative
  • Add a Call to Action
  • Build a Following

Expanding your brand: Essential Snapchat Tips

#1 Leverage your audience to build a following

  • Put your Snapchat username in your bio on other social profiles.
  • Make your account’s Snapcode — the unique, scan-able ghost logo given to each user that functions like a Snapchat-specific QR code — your profile image on other accounts.
  • Recruit ambassadors to help you spread the word about your brand’s Snapchat account

#2 Increase user engagement with story replies

  • With story replies, anyone can reply to a specific photo or video by swiping up from the bottom of the display and opening a new chat window.
  • Receiving feedback from your snaps is instant and is a valuable way to measure how your campaign is going.
  • Companies are already using story replies to conduct informal contests, host polls and start Q&A discussions.

#3 Create customizable on-demand Snapchat Lenses

  • With on-demand Snapchat Lenses, you can now create and publish a Snapchat Lens for a business or a private event.
  • You can contact us for creating a Snapchat Lens for an event or even for your brand. It stays with you forever. (Email - contact[at]

#4 Offer an exclusive discount

  • Give your followers exclusive promotional offers they can only receive through Snapchat.
  • Since stories expire after 24 hours, it’s a perfect platform to host flash sales.
  • Also, giveaways are great and the quick turnaround keeps customers engaged.

#5 Directly target content to select followers

  • This works well when sending a promo code to a selected few that meet the criteria of the giveaway, etc.
  • Control who sees your snaps by selecting an audience within Snapchat’s message system.

#6 Activate Snapchat stories

  • Make sure your Snapchat story has a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Notice what your favorite brands are doing on Snapchat.
  • Try to always have a story uploaded every day on your account so people can always find out more about your product and followers have something to watch and learn more about your company.

#7 Build up to a Moment/Event/Product Launch

  • Spread the word about the upcoming event with your target demographic, you can do this by showing behind-the-scenes Snaps.
  • Examples could include your manufacturing processes, team outings, workspace environments, and product teasers.

#8 Back your marketing campaign with Snapchat Ads

  • The potential to go viral in your targeted demographic is massive.
  • It’s less likely to get lost in a news feed, like on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Snapchat offers intimacy at scale — an immersive video, curated context and no pre-roll.

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