I had a decent job at a Tech Startup where I looked over marketing and branding for the company. I was happy.

But in 2017, they started giving me projects which were not about marketing or branding. So I began to lose interest in the job.

I learned that Data Science was the hottest job to have, so I started learning it. But it was a fail too because I was not INTERESTED in it at all.

So I started helping out people from different Slack communities, LinkedIn, and Facebook Groups for FREE!

I helped them with SEO, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, setting up different tools for them, and so on. I loved it!

Then I realized I had to leave this Tech Startup for a marketing agency and so I did.

In July 2017, I joined a marketing agency. I was happy again that I joined the agency.

But that was not it, the agency had a lot of problems. They were asking me to do sales and expected me to complete sales targets.

Moreover, the company had a lot of internal problems and a lot of people were leaving the company.

I too had to leave it in 2 months.

This time I had no job, I was slightly regretting leaving that Tech Startup and was skeptical about getting a new job ever in my life again.

At this point, I was still helping people from all over the world for FREE to get myself the authority I wanted. But I knew, this was not enough.

Then one day, I was just going through Facebook and saw a job post from Nihar, that his company is looking for a Social Media Marketer.

I immediately replied with my name and then he set up a meeting with me and Mohit.

That was a huge turning point which changed everything.

In Aug 2017 and the guys at Nilgiri Social took me in as a Partner in the company!!

Since then, the life has been an exponential graph for me with Time and Happiness as the two axes.

In 2017, I personally helped around 150+ businesses in the world for FREE. This gave me enough authority I wanted.

I've been at Nilgiri Social for a year now, and the journey been insanely amazing for me.

One of the greatest thing happened yesterday when we were called by IIT Bombay to pitch in for a product of ours which they loved and wanted to have in Mood Indigo!!

And this is not even the ultimate thing yet. I didn't come this far to only come this far.

I believe that your biggest vulnerability is your current success.

I tell you guys, the only thing which kept me going is, me doing the one thing that I love which is Marketing.

Even though I didn't have a perfect job, I found a way to keep doing the things that I love.

People always come to me and ask they want to do something, but don't have enough experience to do it.

And there is only one advise I give them, is that you do it for FREE. Because that's the thing which is going to give you the authority and will definitely benefit you in the long run.

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I worked the grave shift at Amazon’s warehouses in Pennsylvania ... then got into an accident and totaled my car, so I moved to the big city with $2000 to my name, lived in my sister’s basement and did every odds and end job on Craigslist to make ends meet. Worked for free to build my portfolio. Commuted 3/4 hours from Staten Island to Long Island for a wedding editor job.. then worked at Best Buy for minimum wage. Worked for free to get more experience. Then I made restaurant videos for $20 a piece and sometimes I even got a meal which were the GOOD days. I worked for a party company that did inflatable rides on saturdays and sundays. Worked for free to build my skills at night. Sat in a Starbucks for 6-10 hours paying $2.50 for a coffee and a banana (my meal for the day), I was making ads on Craigslist and every other job board to advertise my skills. Got more experience, learned how to price myself... still did free work on the weekends. I worked on my craft and got better at everything...did this for four years...before I met @garyvee and offered him a free video. BUT...yeah maybe you’re right, maybe there’s no value in “free” work...you do you...leave the opportunity for the kids like me. 🤷‍♂️

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