You might have searched one of the following keywords - shane barker, adam goyette, kevan lee, jeff sauer, hollie wegman, omnisend, lemlist, segment io.

I hosted all of them on my podcast. (Spotify, iTunes)

Or you might have seen my ad on Facebook.

So I'm looking for a job in Product Marketing preferably into B2B SaaS.

So here are a lot of details about me

I'm friends with Yam from who sent me this tee :)

About Me

I'm a 23-year-old marketer who lives in Pune, India. (Open to relocation)

I'm a problem solver and growth hacking is fit right into my mindset.

My  approach towards building, growing and retaining a customer base does  not depend on traditional marketing plans or a big ad spend, but rather  on harnessing software development to build marketing into the product.

I  like to collect and analyze vast amounts of user data to experiment  with new features, messaging and branding or even test new marketing  efforts at an increasingly lower cost, much higher speed and a great  level of precision.

I like to drive success by bringing  methodical, generating and testing new ideas for marketing, and using  user behavioral data to find the winning ideas that drive growth.

I love to run experiments, get data, learn and run more. I'm ready to bring in a lot of ideas to the table and implement them.

I  also love to tap into data, and use it to extract specific, relevant,  real-time insights into user behavior that can be used for strategizing  and crafting more effective targeted growth initiatives.

I want to take an opportunity at a SaaS to get into Product Marketing.  I've built myself and my knowledge which can be used for a SaaS.

5 books I love

  • Hacking Growth (Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown)
  • The Product Book (González de Villaumbrosia & Anon)
  • Ship it: Silicon Valley PMs Reveal All (Product School)
  • The Lean Startup (Eric Ries)
  • Crushing It (Gary Vaynerchuk)

I use a lot of tools daily which helps me keep up my productivity and  get things done faster and better. You can see all the tools I use or  have used here.

I used to run an attention shop, Nilgiri Social, where we helped B2C businesses get the attention of their customers on social media.

I was also the host of 2 podcasts - Nilgiri Social (link) and Rocketium (link).

I love talking to people and make meaningful connections with them.

I'm a part of many online communities on Facebook and Slack. But here are the top ones where I'm most active. Ask me for an invite to any of them

Apart from work, I like to trek in the Himalayas and I plan to do at  least one trek per year. Let me know if you'd like to join one.

This is one of my favorite photos from one of my treks.

This is also me when I'll see a mail or get a call from you! Yes,you! :D

Work Experience

Nilgiri Social (Cofounder)

September 2017 - December 2018

  • I helped purpose-driven startups and individuals with Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking!
  • I took care of all the unconventional methods of marketing here.
  • I started a marketing and advertising podcast. Scaled up to 2000+ listeners.
  • I drove over INR 300K in revenue in a year without being into sales.

Rocketium (Podcast Host)

September 2018 - December 2018

  • I was a part of the Marketing team here. Wasn't limited to just hosting the podcast.
  • I  pitched in for running multiple experiments and the content  distribution plan to get more signups. Also helped in partnering up with  leaders and communities from the industry.
  • Host of "Rocketpod" where I hosted - Adam Goyette, VP at G2Crowd - Isaac Anderson, LinkedIn Expert - Kevan Lee, Director of Marketing at Buffer - Jeff Sauer, Jeffalytics - Hollie Wegman, VP Marketing at Segment - Shane Barker, Digital Strategist, Brand and, Influencer Consultant.

Sniper App (Cofounder)

October 2017 - January 2018

UPDATE: Instagram stopped accepting new applications which used the APIs that Sniper App used too. :(

  • Sniper App was a web-based tool which enabled a user to search Location specific media on Instagram narrowed by Hashtags.
  • For  example, if you search #Startup on Instagram, it'll get all the  #Startup tagged media from over the world and if you search "Mountain  View, CA" on Instagram, it'll get all the "Mountain View, CA"  location-tagged media on Instagram.Sniper App will allow you to search all the media in the "Mountain View, CA" location tagged with #Startup
  • Launched on PH with over 200 users interested in trying out the beta version.
  • Ran a survey about the product against these users and got the following feedback- Innovation (Rated 4.7/5)- Growth Hacking Instagram (Rated 5/5)- Ease of getting engagement on Instagram? (Rated 4.6/5)- How likely are you to recommend Sniper App to a friend or colleague? (Rated 9/10)

CBIL360 (Growth Marketer)

July 2017 - September 2017

  • I managed all the marketing strategy for all the marketing projects.
  • Defined a marketing stack which could be implemented for all the projects.
  • Planned end-to-end tracking of the customer journey through the growth stack.
  • Implemented this stack for the clients here.

Techprimelab Software Pvt. Ltd. (Marketer and Developer)

June 2016 - June 2017

  • Worked on customizing the UI for Apache NiFi for a client.
  • Hosted  and managed the server instances on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and  Microsoft Azure with time to time deployment of latest code on the  server.
  • Supervised the data collected from Google Analytics,  YouTube Analytics, Google Webmasters, Bing Webmasters, Quantserve and  Google for Business for analyzing purposes and later using it for taking  significant decisions.
  • Lead the editorial process end-to-end for our blog articles.
  • Promoted the website on different Social Media platforms.
  • Managed Email marketing campaigns.
  • Supervised the SEO, SMO, and SEM for Techprimelab website. (Cofounder and Social Media Manager)

August 2012 - August 2015

  • Grew the traffic from 0 to 30K unique visitors per month in 6 months with 50% month-over-month growth in new users.
  • Creation of unique and genuine articles for describing my views towards the subject.
  • Promotion and marketing of the website using different Social Media platforms.
  • Using Social Media to gain more traffic for the website.
  • Study and analysis of traffic on the basis of multiple attributes and recording the conclusion for future references.
  • Providing solutions to problems faced by readers/followers regarding Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows or any Gadget.
  • Time-to-time update of Facebook Page, Twitter handle and Tumblr Blog with all the articles from the website.
  • Sharing of articles over other Social Networking sites like Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, and Flipboard.

Whoa, that's too much of information. We'll I have lots more. If you're interested in getting more information about me, add me on any of my social profile or just email me.

I'm omnipresent and always online. :)