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As this year is coming to end, I look back at all the people who asked me for help with digital marketing.

I thank all of them for thinking of me when they needed help.

It gives me immense pleasure to help.

But one thing I hate about these people is that they asked me for help, but didn't do anything I asked them to do.

They came to me for help with getting into digital marketing, because hey it's 2018 and they see people in Marketing make money, so they must have thought let's try to do this.

One thing they fail to understand is, it's NOT EASY!

The marketing industry is a constantly changing industry.

The algorithms change, social platforms change, policies change, 100s of new tools are launched which makes your life easier and a lot more.

If you don't stay updated with the changes every day, you and your approach is gonna be old too soon.

Second important thing is, no class or no course is going to teach you how to do marketing.

It's an art. It's a skill. You have to develop it. And you can only develop it after putting in a lot of effort.

It's not something you can start doing in a few weeks.

Every course out there on Marketing is only going to teach you the concepts, but to fully understand those, you need to take a practical approach.

It cannot be taught in theory. It has to be practical.

Which is why a bunch of these people who asked me for help were doing MBA in Marketing.

It is not something they teach you at B School. (This reminds me of a book by Adit Chauhan, Marketing: Tricks of the trade they don't teach you at B-School) Do give this book a read.

Don't take my word for this, take Adit's. When I was doing a podcast with Adit, he also said the same thing.

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One person cannot learn marketing by just reading about it, they have to put in some practical work.

But then arises the question, where can I find something to test my marketing theory on.

It's simple, on you. Yes, you.

Do you want to learn how to make a website? Make one for yourself.

Do you want to learn email marketing? Start your own email newsletter.

You want to learn SEO, get a website on WordPress and start doing SEO.

You are the best thing you can start marketing.

I asked these people to do the same thing, and they didn't do it.

The only reason they didn't do it because these things require one to do research, self-study and a problem-solving mind.

I'm not saying you won't face any problems, but there are online communities (ask me for list), forums, blogs, and videos available for you to learn how to do stuff on your own.

You just have to find the resource, study about it and start doing it.

But 99% of people don't do this. They want things easy. And they want someone to always tell them what to do next.

In such case, you're not finding the way for yourself, but you're asking someone else to guide you along.

Now I'm not saying you should look for a guide or a mentor. What I'm saying is you'd get a ton of extra knowledge if you do it yourself.

And that's where you're going to be different than others.

I really feel sad for the people who I helped in this year who couldn't make their own way.

I'm still happy to help these people though. It massively boosted my self-esteem.

But one thing I'm going to improve is to start pushing people more towards getting practical knowledge.

Tell someone something, they forget. Teach someone something, they may remember. Involve someone in something and they learn.
- Benjamin Franklin

I'm going to start involving people who ask for my help in a couple of my projects.

If you're looking for help with Marketing or want to get involved with a project in Marketing, get in touch with me. Would be more than happy to help.